Student Entrepreneurship


SEED – 16 years and up

The Student Entrepreneurship program enables students of ages 16 and over to become an entrepreneur by opening their own summer business.

Every year, students take on the challenge of opening a summer business with the help of the Restigouche Entrepreneurship Centre and the Student Entrepreneurship program (SEED).

This program allows students returning to studies in the fall to apply for a loan of up to $3000 in order to create their own summer business. The business must operate for a minimum of 6 weeks during the summer and must create at least one full time job (35 hours per week). If the student meets all the criteria, and reimburses their loan in its entirety by October 15th, they will receive 1/3 of the loan in return, up to a maximum of $1000!

For more information: SEED Program

Future Entrepreneurs  of Restigouche – between the ages of 13 to 16

CBDC Restigouche also has the Future Entrepreneurs of Restigouche Fund available for young entrepreneurs between the ages of 13 to 16. With 0% interest they can apply for a loan of up to 1,500$ with a grant up to 20% of the loan value.

For more information: 753-3344

As of 2017, 72  students took on the challenge by opening their own summer business.


2017 Student entrepreneurs:

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