Entrepreneurial Market

This market allows students to create their own business at the end of their school semester.


Our Entrepreneurial market began as a pilot project intended to integrate into all Entrepreneurship courses throughout Restigouche.  The first two original markets that were launched proved to be a huge success and all teachers involved suggested that it should become part of the Entrepreneurship course outline each year.


During the project, we work with the teachers throughout the semester in order to aid in its success. We conduct a series of workshops relating to the project and are available as a resource unit if and when needed.


The goal of this activity is to take the theory of the course outline and combine it with the start-up of a business directly related to that plan.  Completing a business plan is already included in the course outline, but we will go one step further and allow the students to open their actual business at the end of the semester.


The objective of this project is to offer to the students a practical experience on :


  • Discovering a business idea
  • Putting together a business plan
  • Creation of a product or service
  • Managing their own business for a day


Since this initiative was started in Restigouche high schools, more than 57 markets have taken place and more than 1378 students were able to take part.


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