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Every summer, the Restigouche Entrepreneurship Centre offers entrepreneurship camps to students from ages 9 to 12. This event allows them to learn about and understand entrepreneurship while having fun!  Since the beginning, we have delivered 83 Break into Business camps in the Restigouche region to approximately 1193 students participated.

Since part of our mandate is entrepreneurship awareness, these camps allow us to develop the entrepreneurial spirit to participants of ages 9 to 12. The goal of this event is to pique their curiosity and interest in regards to entrepreneurship so that eventually, they will see it as a viable career.

During these camps, the young aspiring entrepreneurs participate in a five-day business world adventure while learning through different activities including arts, theatre and games. They also have the opportunity to visit a local business and to make a loan with UNI Financial Cooperation.

But more importantly, these young entrepreneurs have the chance to open their own business and to sell their products/offer their services. During this event, the participants are exposed to different business world aspects in an exciting way. By the end of the week, they manage their own business for a day and they have the chance to recognize different entrepreneurial qualities and aptitudes that they acquire over the course of the week.


Last summer, the Restigouche Entrepreneurship Centre was able to host 6 Break into Business camps, their locations varying across the Restigouche Region. Three camps were held in Campbellton; one being offered in English, and two being offered in French. The three other Break into Business camps were held in Saint-Quentin (French), in Dalhousie (French) and Eel River Bar (English). Summer 2018 saw that 121 youth between the ages of 9 and 12 enjoyed a week full of entrepreneurial adventures and experiences, learning new things every day. These camps not only provided fun and educational activities for the youth, but also gave them real world experience of being an entrepreneur through hands-on learning, as they were able to operate their very own business for one day. Through the multiple activities, field trips, challenges and their sales at the markets, these youth developed important skills, such as leadership, team work, creativity, organization, management, and responsibility.










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