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Congratulations to our Break Into Business Camp participants!

So far, The Restigouche Entrepreneurship center has hosted three of six Break into Business camps scheduled for this year. We are proud to say that these past three camps, held in Campbellton, Dalhousie, and St-Quentin respectfully, were all a great successes. The purpose of the Break into Business camp is to introduce youth to entrepreneurship, as well as teach them valuable entrepreneurial qualities such as responsibility, teamwork, leadership, money management and more through fun and exciting activities. Most importantly, youth get hands-on entrepreneurial experience by opening their very own business for a day. These youth put in a whole week of hard work, and we couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments! Congratulations to all of our young entrepreneurs who participated in the past three Break into Business camps! We can’t wait to see the next three groups of young entrepreneurs!




Annual Report

The board of directors as well as the staff of the Restigouche Entrepreneurship Centre Inc. are proud to share with you the results of the 2015-2016 fiscal year!

Believe in Yourself Camp - 2018

** Please note that this camp is only offered in French ** Application Form (French) Believe in Yourself Camp - Video    



The Restigouche Entrepreneurship Centre in collaboration with Jeunesse Restigouche Youth decided to create this initiative to help entrepreneurs become aware of the importance of believing in our youth by hiring a High School student in order to help slow down youth exodus.

This initiative will not provide employer wage subsidies to hire a student; however, it will allow entrepreneurs to make a difference in their community by being proactive with regards to a challenge that our region is attempting to overcome – youth exodus.

We believe that if several entrepreneurs and organizations hire HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS, it will allow our youth to believe even more in our region. We must make them aware of the opportunities that are available to them before they leave to pursue their post-secondary education.

It is by working together as individuals that we are going to make a difference – so why not you? Help our communities prosper and be a part of the change that we want to see in our region!



Here are just some of the entrepreneurs that were present at our entrepreneurial celebration banquet.

Thank you all for believing in our region and for making a real difference. Your perseverance and passion is something to be admired and for that we are honoured to acknowledge and recognize all of your efforts !  A special thank you as well to all of the families of our local entrepreneurs for their continuous support and undoubted sacrifices.


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