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The Restigouche Entpreneurship Centre Inc. offers the Personality Dimensions®  workshop in English and in French throughout the Maritimes.  Gain a clearer understanding of yourself and a better appreciation for others.  This workshop can be offered for a period of 4 hours or a full day.   Contact us if you would like more information or would like a price quote to have this workshop delivered to your business, organization or to a group of people.  Minimum of 12 participants is required to deliver the workshop.



Personality Dimensions is a human relations tool based on leading-edge research, which helps to explain what motivates behaviour in people with different personalities or temperaments. Participants will learn that there are 4 different personality types and with the help of various assessments they will discover which type represents them the best. This new interactive human relations and communications process/model is presented in an informative, interactive, fun and self-discovery format.

Where effective training and development is essential for meeting strategic objectives – an understanding of personality theory is a very effective tool in facilitating team creation and building; improving corporate communications; enhancing customer service and satisfaction; and in providing innovative solutions to problems by tapping into the creative energy of every temperament preference.

Everyone can benefit from this workshop, including those working in customer service, human resources, upper-management and anyone who must collaborate with colleagues. This tool will be a definite asset to the participants work and personal lives.

12 participants or more

Length of session: 4 hours or all-day




In order to use Personality Dimensions®, individuals must first attend a training program to become a Certified Personality Dimensions® Trainer. Since being published in 2003, over 500,000 people world wide have experienced a Personality Dimensions® workshop. The Certified Trainer (level I) Qualifying Program is an opportunity for facilitators to add a new dimension to their facilitator toolkit.



If you have a group of 8 or more that would be interested in being certified in your region, please contact Mrs. Melissa Irvine at (506) 753-4570.



In this three day course, you will experience and learn how to deliver Personality Dimensions® workshops for diverse groups and topics. You will learn about the historical and practical developments in temperament; as well as the importance of each component of a Personality Dimensions® workshop and the ethical considerations for using the model appropriately. Experiencing both classroom and hands-on, interactive learning you will: participate in activities typically used in a workshop; learn practical skills and knowledge of adult learning for facilitators; create and customize your own Personality Dimensions® introductory workshop; and learn about the various Personality Dimensions products available and their appropriate uses.

Participants must successfully complete an open book exam on the third day in order to gain Certified Trainer status, and should anticipate some homework on the evening of the first and second day of the program.

Qualified Facilitators will be able to: purchase training and related materials from Career/LifeSkills Resources or an authorized Personality Dimensions® distributor; promote themselves as Certified Trainers (level I) both inside and outside their organization; organize and conduct Introductory and Application sessions; charge for their services; and provide statistical data on participants to assist in updating statistical profiles.


* Future sessions: December 12-14, 2018 (3-day sessions) offered in French.





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